Poetry And Wine (3rd December 2013)

Cast Iron And Large Glass invited guests to a pairing of wine and poetry.

Actress and director Fiona Shaw and writer Deborah Levy selected poems to match and intensify wines chosen by Master Of Wine Isabelle Legeron, who in turn responded to their choice of words.



On My Mind (OMM) Sessions with Susie Orbach at Large Glass (April – June 2013)

Large Glass and Cast Iron Radio worked with the psychoanalyst Susie Orbach to develop a series of ‘sessions’ in which creative practitioners were invited to share a conundrum – something that preoccupied him or her (or had done, memorably).

The aim was to create an ongoing discussion in which core experiences are aired and discussed in an intelligent way.

 The creative practitioners taking part in these sessions were:

Michael Craig Martin (Visual Artist) – 25th April

Deborah Levy (Writer) – 2nd May

Mark Ravenhill (Playwright) – 20th May

Tansy Davies (Composer) – 3rd June


OMM took place in 2013 at large Glass, 392 Caledonian Road in front of a small audience.

Read the Time Out piece here:



Orange Wines (30 May 2013)

Selected and introduced by That Crazy French Woman (Isabelle Legeron MW)

Wine Tasting

Ever wondered why, in Renaissance paintings, the white wines in people’s glasses don’t look as translucent as the whites of today, and why they look more orange than anything else? This isn’t a trick of the light or the patina of age, it’s because the Michelangelos of this world probably drank orange wine.

Orange wines are busy popping up on wine lists all over the world but what are they, where do they come from and why is it only recently that people have really begun to talk about them?

That Crazy French Woman, Isabelle Legeron MW, has a unique approach to wine. She is an exceptional, award-winning wine taster and the only French woman ever to have become a Master of Wine and received both the Villa Maria Award for Viticulture and Madame Bollinger Award for Excellence in Tasting at her inauguration into the Institute. She won Wine Woman of the Year 2009 in Paris and Time Out features a wine tasting with her as one of their top ‘1000 things to do in London’.