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Press For Diversity
Monday 25th September, 2017
BBC Radio 4



 press for diversity

Journalist Hugh Muir examines whether our newspapers are losing touch with Britain’s increasingly diverse society.

Last year, the Reuters Institute of Journalism published research showing 94% of British journalists are white and 86% university educated. Ethnic minorities and the working classes are largely unrepresented.

Does this lack of diversity in newsrooms undermine the quality and accuracy of the news we read?

With Eleanor Mills, Editorial Director of the Sunday Times, Miqdaad Versi of the Muslim Council of Britain, Neil Wallis, formerly deputy editor of the Sun and the News of the World and Josie Dobrin, co-founder of Creative Access.

Russian Bells
9th October 2017
BBC Radio 4



From Mussorgsky to Rimsky-Korsakov, Rachmaninov, Stravinsky, the unmistakable sound of bells rings through the greatest pieces of Russian music, but for a century the clang of the bell towers of Orthodox churches across Russia had been banned.

Composer Llywelyn ap Myrddin takes us on a musical journey to discover the ‘voice of the Russian sky’,  which begins at the annual Rostov-the-Great Bell Festival.

We’ll hear about the unique complexity of the Russian bell sound, its chaotic overtones and harmonics, and why its wild untuned state must have enraptured The Mighty Five composers in their quest for a truly national school of Russian music during the 19th century.

We’ll also hear how Russians who fled their country yearned for the chime of bells: Rachmaninov’s late works are full of an incredible longing, held in the sound of bells.

Recorded on location in Russia.

Listen to a clip of the Rostov Bell Ringers here

Aarhus European City of Culture 2017
Conversations in Time




‘Conversations in Time’ brings together an audiobook of Suzi Gablik’s important book Conversations Before the End of Time, first published in 1995, along with a series of new conversations inspired by Gablik’s original dialogues. The book was driven by what she believed was a crisis point for art, humanity and the environment.

These conversations and the audiobook of Gablik’s original book are distributed within the Public Programme ‘Conversations in Time’, part of the European Capital of Culture Aarhus 2017.

“Aarhus 2017 is delighted to partner with Cast Iron Radio to bring ‘Conversations in Time’ to people across the world via podcasting. These specially curated conversations open up ideas and stories that interrogate and contemplate the place and role of art and creative pursuits as we push into the next decades of the 21st century.” Juliana Engberg, Programme Director

 Listen here: