Doing Goya Justice: The Curator’s View

by admin on  October 28, 2014 |

Doing Goya Justice: The Curator’s View
Sunday 12th April, 6:45pm


Xavier Bray (Chief Curator, Dulwich Picture Gallery), a brilliant art historian and communicator, gives listeners a powerful, first hand account of his work leading up to the landmark exhibition of portraits by Goya to open at the National Gallery in London in October 2015. We record Xavier at regular intervals over the course of the coming months, to capture a major exhibition of one of the most revered artists, in the making. We’ll hear key moments of decision-making, loan successes and disappointments and his passion for certain works. We’ll hear his efforts to support fundraising work, the scope of the catalogue, the problems of the exhibition space, access and the tension in making a “blockbuster” in the traditional, hallowed workings of the museum.

With Goya at the centre, Xavier reveals the depth and extent of the artist’s life and work, while opening up to listeners his own role as the exhibition’s curator.