radio kateFounding Director Kate Bland established Cast Iron in 2011. She is a skilled and experienced producer who has made numerous (award winning) radio programmes, series, podcasts and audiobooks. She has developed and produced major science, art and music projects. She brings together an affiliation of skilled producers, artists and technicians.

“This producer, makes documentaries that always kickstart this listener’s little grey cells.”

(Gillian Reynolds, Daily Telegraph)

schepkeDirector Charlotte Schepke trained as a visual artist and advises on all aspects of Cast Iron arts features. She also runs Large Glass next door, with an ambitious programme of modern and contemporary exhibitions and events.

toby-website-bass-cropTobias Withers is an experienced sound engineer who has transposed his skills from music production to spoken word audio. His passion is world music.

llywelyn headshot

Llywelyn ap Myrddin is a composer, pianist, producer and broadcaster. He has written a wide range of works, from opera (The Crocodile, Sting in the Tale) to electronic dance music. His music has been performed throughout the UK as well as in Europe and Japan as well as broadcast on BBC Radio 3 and Radio 1.

zakia-website-cropZakia Sewell has a love for music with an eye on racial justice and diversity. She studied English literature and has her own show with NTS live.


Jeremy Mortimer has 30 years experience in broadcasting, in particular radio drama. He has produced many of the best plays you’ll have heard on the BBC, including some with Cast Iron. He also works as an Editorial Executive for a number of documentaries and features.


Sara Davies is a radio writer, abridger and producer with over twenty-five years’ experience making arts documentaries, poetry programmes, readings, features and drama. She’s won two Mental Health Media awards for drama, and the 2014 Radio Academy Gold Award for best Feature or Documentary. She oversees many of the poetry and art features, infusing them with her huge knowledge and passion for writing.

headphones websiteChris O’Shaughnessy is a creative composer and sound engineer. He can transform a limp, grey recording into something brilliant and emotionally complex. He has won several awards for his work in radio and tv composition.


Mattia Pagura is a video artist, filmmaker and theatre director, with an interest in blurring the boundaries between sound, video, dance and performance. He regularly oversees all aspects of production from conception to delivery including filming, sound recording and editing. Recent projects have included documentary films for UCL and the Italian Art Council. He is currently filming and editing for Body Of Songs with Cast Iron.